Asa-Don is a Japanese eatery, providing you with a taste of traditional, homely meal. Asa-Don is a small team of passionate food lovers lead by Asako Dalby, here to spread the experience of home-made Japanese way of eating.

Let us paint a picture: In a manic, fast-paced country like Japan, a quick meal is a great meal. You’ll often find cosy hole-in-a-wall style of diners in the back streets of a busy town. You’ll pull up a stool in a basic table setting and order up a staple meal (staple for Japan, of course). There, you’re guaranteed freshness, consistency, and above all, authenticity. This is what Asa-don represents.

Asa-Don has gathered credibility over the years, through Asako’s simple salute to top quality, yet humble approach to cooking. 

A few formal notes on the restaurant itself: As Asa-Don is mainly a take-away outlet, seating is quite limited, indoor and in a small courtyard. We encourage you to dine as early as possible in the evening, as we close at 8 PM during the week and 9 PM on Saturdays. 

Occasionally, Asa-Don caters for special occasions and variations to closing times are observed.

Please note, in an effort to provide service to as many customers as possible, we don’t take bookings during lunch times. 

And that's about all there is to it. Come on in, pull up that stool!

See you soon,

– A